FASSA Awards: Vote Adedokun Abdul-Baaki As Blogger Of The Year

FASSA People's Choice Awards 2017

Special greetings,
God has been faithful.One Of Our Editor have been nominated again for the FASSA People’s Choice Awards ,  the online voting for the FASSA People’s Choice Awards  ????? have finally kicked off. Kindly CLICK HERE and vote Adedokun Abdul-Baaki as the Blogger of the year.

How to Vote

  • Kindly follow the link below to vote >>>> http://bit.ly/2AcQLGm or https://goo.gl/JjxMYJ
  • Check Out General Category and Vote for Adedokun Abdul-Baaki as the Blogger of the year.Vote Adedokun Abdul Baaki as Blogger Of the Year
  • Share with Your friends and This award will be ours.


It all started with a dream I turned into reality.

I want to be a great developer.
I want to be a cool blogger.
I want to be someone worthwhile.
i want to be a man of value..
i want to be successful.

The price am paying is………. because Everything has a price to be paid for And Everyone has a price to pay.You must pay the #PRICE.
“Life is cruel, be prepared to be crueler”

God richly bless you.