Ladies, Here Are 6 Signs That Bloke Is Broke & Probably No Good

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I can’t agree more. Flashy cars, shiny blings, dollar bills are every girl’s needs. You met a guy who promises you all these and more yet it doesn’t add up? Or you are just curious about the state of his wallet? Not to worry sis, I got you covered! Here are 6 ways to know he is broke as a joke.

1. His friends are broke

Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. Naturally, we hang out with people we have the same thinking, behaviour and social class with. Find out who his friends are. Do they have cars? What kind of cars do they have? How do they dress? Where do they hang out? Who do they hang out with? What do they do? What do they own? How do they relate? Pay great attention, nothing tells you about a person more than their friends. If his friends are not well to do, I can assure you that applies to him too.

2. He doesn’t buy anything for himself when he takes you out.

This is the biggest sign of them all. It never fails, pay great attention. If that dude buys nothing for himself every time he takes you out, he is probably buried butt deep in debts. A minute of silence please, while we pray he gets out of it. Of course he gives you excuses why he can’t have any for himself; he just ate before coming, he doesn’t like eating out, he just wants to watch you eat, yadayada. Lies! Who knows what he will say next. Maybe his stomach was sealed off at birth so he doesn’t eat like normal humans! That bloke is broke! Eat all you can, savour the moment and say goodbye, for good.

3. He repeats the same cloth often

Yes, not all guys are Ebuka. Actually, most guys don’t know a thing about fashion. They don’t have the slightest inkling on what colour goes with what  like we ladies, that’s not arguable. But if that dude keeps repeating pants, shirts, or whatever cloth for that matter in a short period of time, baby girl he is broke. You should probably help him with some cash the next time you see him. (Just joking, don’t do it!)

4. The things he talks about

Listen very carefully to the things he says. Someone I know would always say, “pay attention to details.” People give themselves away with very little things. What he says and how he says what he says can tell you a lot about him, especially his pocket. Don’t take this for granted.

5. His text messages are always abbreviated

If that dude sends you text messages with words abbreviated you almost can’t read meaning to it just so it could fit into a page or two, you already know what i’ll write next. He is broke. However, with the way internet texting is taking over, this may be hard to count on.

6. He goes straight to the point when he calls you

Funny? I know. If he just goes straight to the point all the time he calls you, dude doesn’t have airtime to ‘waste’. If his calls are always short too, beware. However, with the way some telecommunication networks are giving bonuses and helping lives, you might need to actually double check that the few times he calls you for long hours, he’s actually calling with his credit.

As always, you are welcome.