NIMR convenes molecular biology workshop

    Scientists at the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Department of the Nigeria Institute of Medical Research, Yaba, Lagos, are set to discuss the evolution of viruses at their annual conference in Lagos.

    The workshop coordinator, Dr. Stella Smith, in a statement on Monday said the conference with the theme, “Protein Expression,” would focus on current methods in molecular biology, ethical challenges in genetic research, among others.

    Smith stated, “Proteins do all the essential work for the cell. They build cellular structures, execute metabolic functions, digest nutrients and mediate information flow within a cell and other cellular communities.

    “They also work together with other proteins or nucleic acids as ‘molecular machines’ and are, in short, the ‘engines’ of the cell that make the chemistry happen in order for life to exist.”

    She noted that the conference would be hosted by the NIMR Director-General, Prof. Babatunde Salako.

    Punch Newspapers