Titans’17 week- My Futa Story By Ayanleye Femi

    ayanleye femiI wasn’t really prepared for this because it happened in the midst of many things but I just have to do this because of the few guys I respect most in this school just Nominated me to share my Futa story in preparation of Titans’17 week…

    I will start this by quoting Nelson Mandela who opined that

    “University Education is a Must without which You will Serve in an inferior position for the Rest of your Life”.

    This is nothing but the truth because I have established this in the course of my study in Futa.

    I was admitted to study in Futa as a Young school leaver with little or no experience in Higher Education. I wanted to study microbiology but was admitted to study  FORESTRY AND WOOD TECHNOLOGY, I don’t like Agriculture right from secondary school not to talk of studying it in the University. It really affected me but I tried to cope. I met some Great guys like Adanlawo Olaoluwa, Adeyeye Olamide, Akinbode Badiu, Paul among others when I was in 100level. These guys are Great because they inspire me to do more and more. I was just this book person throughout 100level, it is either I am in the Library, Sports Complex or One Location on campus to Read. The result came out and saw the reward as I had the Best Result then in 100level. This motivated me so much to do more as I remained focus even in 2nd semester. After checking my result in the 2nd semester which really improved, I changed my plans totally Nd now dedicated to my book which helped me back then.

    200level was not easy because if you are in SAAT, you either hate Mathematics or know little, this level was full of Statistical course, Chemistry, Biochemistry among others. I was determined that I will have A in all of them despite my poor background in these courses. To God be the Glory, I had A in all of them… I started thinking more about how to change my course of study since am doing well in school, I had the result required now but lo and behold; My HOD said Samuel you are not going anywhere… I didn’t give up as I went to the University of Ilorin for Transfer which proved Abortive due to some factors. The 200l journey ended with Joy, Progress Nd a lot of achievement.

    I started the 300level journey by attending Forestry dept courses with sadness that I am a student of Forestry, Although I was performing very well but wasn’t satisfied. I contacted the Microbiology dept HOD for help but wasn’t successful due to my HOD not releasing me…..I was very Tired at this point as I accepted fate and continue my study in the Department of Forestry. I started getting involved in activities like International Forestry Students Association, The Breeders Club, Young Professionals for Agricultural Development, Green Ambassadors among others which helped me in the area of Personal Development Nd Leadership skills. I met a Great Guy who just entered 100level then in the person of Tunde Ilesanmi who really motivated me to be who I am today and helped spiritually…. I had a good result in 300l despite all the involvement…

    This is now one of the Best levels on Campus, I was more Confident and gallant enough to tackle things, lol…. I did a course Biometrics which happened to be the toughest in the level but told myself that I will do well in the course. I tutored a lot of my mates who all had A’s, B’s Nd I had 80+ in the course. I will never forget the influence my Industrial Training had on me at Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, Ibadan where I learned a lot about Forestry and Wood Technology. During my Industrial Training, I was opportune to stay at the University of Ibadan where I met Great Guys who all had a positive influence on my life and Academics. I was found of Tackling UI guys then whenever they talk anti-shit about my School as a BabySchool. IT ended with lots of fun, memories Nd so on..

    500level which is my Best Year on Campus was so Fruitful Nd Filled with Triumphs. I came back from IT with so much Effisy, you know that kind feeling when you are in Final year .

    I was invited to speak at a program organized for Youths which I performed excellently well, I was invited to encourage the new 100level guys in my department which went well too. Then, this 500level isnt a joking one with Academics, Leadership, Mentoring and lots of Activities. I now have the capacity to process many things at a time. I became the

    Coordinator of NSEC in FUTA, Committee Member of ECC in FUTA

    Representative of Ypard in FUTA

    500l Coordinator of my Fellowship

    National Exco Member of NSEC

    Member of Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassador Network in Nigeria

    Volunteer; World Youth Alliance

    Volunteer; Gemstone Nation Builder’s Network, Akure

    Volunteer; Sponsor a Child for Education in Africa

    Volunteer/Member; WolexAkinsMentoring for Youth in Agriculture

    Publicity Head; EdenWorld Initiative

    Volunteer; ProtectOzone initiative

    Volunteer;  Young Africa Leadership Initiative

    Member; Givers Club

    Volunteer; NAAS Debating Team

    Member; Wisdom Leadership Centre among others..

    My final year on Campus happened to be the best because I started thinking Big and Acting Big. So positive about the Future and working seriously to achieve my dream.. My Academic Standing is still smiling even with all the commitments… I will not stop writing without saying to the whole world that FUTA has influenced me positively both Academically and Mentally to become anything I desire in the Future. FUTA remained a blessing to me and won’t forget so quickly.

    I therefore nominate Adeyeye Olamide, Adetula Olaoluwa, Ajani Ololade and Aderele Meshack to share their FUTA story in preparation of Titans’17 week coming up Oct 16-22…..
    #Iam_Mr Packaging

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