How To Beat Your Business Competitors Hands Down, Without Breaking A Sweat And Keep The Money Coming To You ONLY

    Business is war, it’s a deadly competition that entails survival of the featest. Businesses around the world fight for only one thing….
    “Customer Patronage”.

    All the business processes from Idea to sales all fight for the attention of customers who would eventually buy from you and keep buying from you loyally.
    This fight involves some level of ruthlessness. There can only be one “Number 1″…you or your competitors.

    This has made brands spend millions of dollars on advertising so they can keep their brand alive in the minds if the customers.

    Pepsi spends over $1,000,000 on a 60 seconds Super Bowl And which is the most watched TV event worldwide.

    We operate in a capitalist economy that provides a level playing ground for anyone with a great idea to come in and cart in money off that idea. This has led to an endless and “brutal” war for one thing…. Customer Attention.

    What Do You Do When Competition Arises?
    How Do You Fight For Your Brand That You Have Shed Energy, Money, Blood And Sweat To Build?
    How Do You Beat Them Hands Down And Keep The Attention Of Your Customers On You Per Time?

    This is what am going to show you with this post….Keep Reading….

    1.Don’t Focus On The Competition

    One of the mistakes that businesses make when a new competition arrives especially when the competition is aggressive is to start spying and stalking them wondering about their next move.

    That is a mistake. Don’t be intimidated by image or size.

    This wears you out and that energy you use in stalking and spying on your competition could be used in forming a powerful mastermind that determines your next move

    You cannot control your competition, don’t even try too, it would only make them more aggressive at beating you. Focus on your business. Ask yourself? how can we be better? how can we provide more value,? How can we keep customers engaged?…. This questions will lead you to the next step…

    2.Run Your Race As Hard As You Can. 

    Competion is good, it keeps everybody on their toes or else you would be complacent and eventually overshadowed. Competition makes brands thrive and innovate. At the end, your business is better and customers get more value for this.

    Therefore, Go Hard Or Go Home.

    Be Ambitious And Set Goals For Your Business.

    Seek talented individuals, individuals with experience. Seek youthful minds bursting with ideas and who are also not afraid of taking risks.

    Jack MA of “Alibaba “invests in the youths in the Alibaba cooperation so that the brand can thrive.

    Steve Jobs of apple gathered youthful and creative people who think crazy ideas….. at the end, Apple became the most valuable company in the world at its peak.
    “Go Hard Or Go Home”

    3.Invest In Information And Implement Like Your Business Depends On It. 

    Knowledge is power, and it’s through knowledge that empires are built says the Bible.

    “In All Thy Getting Get Understanding “… use the free knowledge provided by the internet and also pay money to get information if need be….

    See money spent on education as an investment and not a liability.
    Information broadens your capacity and spurs innovation. Therefore, be hungry to know the latest as regards your field or niche.

    Also learn from your competition, don’t stalk, don’t spy, learn. When you see a breakthrough performed by your competition ask questions like…

    Why Did It Work For Them?
    How Did It Work?

    What Did They Do? How Can We Adapt This Into Our Processes?
    How Can We Make It Work For Us?

    4.Think Different. 

    The world doesn’t want another photocopy. The world doesn’t want “A Second One”. We want originality, innovation, and creativity. Don’t think like others, don’t copy competition completely, even if you have to copy, do it creatively and make it look original.

    Your mastermind should be a bunch of creatively crazy people who aim for being different and unique.

    Think Different – Steve Jobs.

    5.Be Discreet

    It’s good to help, it’s good to share but let everything be done with some level of discreetness and business “mindedness”.

    Once you have an idea or a new move, keep it too yourself, don’t go yapping. Competition is fierce and every competitor including YOU AND ME are like vultures looking for free info that can generate profit.

    Learn to talk less and do more. Let them SEE YOU DO IT not hear you yapping. Let them see the end result and not your plans and ideas. With this, your ideas would be intact.

    You should ONLY reveal your plan to members of your trusted mastermind who can scrutinize it and if possible sign a non disclosure….. yes please do it, and add legal penalties. This protects your ideas and profitability of your idea.

    Facebook Was Someones Idea Not Zuckerbergs, He Only Developed It After Getting It From A Friend. Today Where Us The “Friend”?


    I leave you to answer the question.

    With this few points of mine, I hope you have been able to learn valuable lessons. If you have something to add, please share with us in the comment section so we can learn.

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