7 Proven principles to shoot up your social media engagement

    social media engagementSo you want to become influential on social media? The most influential people on social media are people who are able to generate massive interactions and engagement around what they do.

    Did you know that 63% of people want to interact with the people and brand that they deal with online and 90% of people trust brands based on the brand’s interaction and engagement?

    It’s not that you do not have great content, the problem is that you are not doing what the pro do to skyrocket their engagement.

    I’m sure the question on your mind is, how do I grow influence and get visible? I have got you covered on this like bangalee

    Craft Actionable Content

    Your audience are wired to interact and engage with content that meets their needs. When you know your audience, craft Content that meets their needs. Most of the content people share are those that they have a psychological attachment to. If your content address their issues, they share your content with their fams. Which means more reach and growth for you. Minimize how often you write shareable content and focus on content that meet needs.

    Space your content

    Psychologically, people connect more with content that has sufficient spacing. For example, to get attention on Twitter, space out your tweets into 3 – 4 lines.

    Most people don’t get the engagement they deserve because they failed to use paragraphs where needed. People scan posts before they read and if you don’t have enough spacing, they don’t bother to read. Don’t ask me why, you do it too… No lie

    End your content with discussionable question 

    The biggest mistake people are making on social media is they act like robot. Robot knows it all and do not bother to ask for your opinion. You think that’s what gives you the expert status? The truth is, it is the questions that generate the buzz.

    Oga, you are not Island of knowledge, ask questions as well as your readers opinion.


    Audit yourself, know the best time you get massive engagement, post your contents then. Weekends are great as well as evening.

    Engage those who engage with your content

    When people drop comments on your post, don’t think you have arrived. Appreciate them and engage them deeper with questions and discussions. Everyone has “mumu button”, we all want to be appreciated. If you appreciate them today, they will come back tomorrow. You are not the celebrity, they are!

    Another tip- you get your post back on the newsfeed each time a comment land on it!Do you know what that mean?

    Use graphics

    As much as you can, add graphics to any of your content if possible. Facebook algorithm favors it more than ordinary write up. Put your nice pictures, put pictures that relate to the content. Show your real face!

    Be humane

    Ghenghenghengehn, you still think people fall in love with you with your boss attitude? Na lie! Show your audience the humane side of you. Recently, I shared a post on my failure and it got good engagement. Don’t just talk about your success and all but tell us your downs too.

    Who seriousness epp? Snap funny pictures, show us make up free face. Show us you are one of us.

    P. S – this should not mean that your wall should turn to mess o (use your head)

    Be patient, get to work and see the results grow over time.

    Mbok, how do you generate engagement? How do you feel when you are appreciated?