25 Businesses You Can Start And Run From A Laptop

    #6 Book Cover Designer

    Right now, there are over 32 million books on Amazon and every one of them has a book cover. According to UNESCO, over 1 million books are published per year. This doesn’t even include eBooks.

    #7 Mobile App Designer

    Much like mobile app developers, there’s plenty of need for mobile app designers. Companies usually contract out to both developers and designers separately to create the app.

    #8 Computer-Aided Designer

    CAD drawings are typically 3D mockups and virtual prototypes that companies create prior to manufacturing a product. Pretty much every product design starts as a CAD drawing.

    #9 Web Theme Designer

    According to WordPress.com, there are over 75 million WordPress sites and about half of them are self-hosted. This means WordPress alone has about 37 million sites that need themes.

    If you’re not a theme design but still need a great theme, Themeforest has the best selection of high quality, responsive themes available.

    #10 Videographer

    Last year Organizational housewares e-tailer StacksAndStacks.com reported visitors were 144% more likely to purchase after seeing a product video than those who didn’t. Website owners realize that video converts higher than any other form of content, so they’re starting to contract out for that work.

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