Actor, Uche Maduagwu Blasts IK Ogbonna Over Sending N u d e Photo To Nina

Uche Maduagwu has called out his colleague IK Ogbonna for allegedly sending a photo to Nina after she got out of the Big Brother House.

Recall that after Nina’s Instagram account was hacked by a guy identified as Yusuf, chats between the reality show star and IK Ogbonna was released. According to the hacker, the actor sent her a photo (which the hacker claims is his nu.des) and then requested that she sends him hers also. She had an affirmative response and further disclosed she will be seeing him soon.

Reacting to this, Uche Ogbonna who called out IK Ogbonna for allegedly sending a photo to Nina added that he is the ‘biggest actor’ in Nigeria because he has gotten the attention of A-list American celebrities in the past.

He wrote;

”Any popular #actor who sends you his TINY #pics is not responsible…😀😄😀 May the God of #Adam and Collins expose all the irresponsible #actors in #Nollywood who are in the business of sending #girls their #picture in #Nigeria.👊🏽 What is bad is bad. Which kind of #DoubleWahala men do we have in #Naija?😄 Even if you want to send someone your #post, at least you should check if its #BIG enough before embarrassing yourself on social media.😄😀😄I’m the #biggest actor in Nigeria,🎬 because I’ve gotten the attention of an A-List #American celebrity,✈ before people will say I’m looking for attention, but as a #Christian, is it proper for a full grown #man with bushy #HAIR in his ARMPIT to be sending his #phototo girls?😄 Is that kind of childish behavior #GOOD in #Lagos?🍎”